The Schedule: At Hanna Homes we understand that time is money, so establishing a schedule and adhering to that schedule is a commitment we take very seriously. Ensuring that schedule milestones and deliverables are achieved from project inception to the final walkthrough requires persistent communication, meticulous planning and day-to-day supervision.

One area that can impact project schedules is the timely delivery of materials with long lead times. Because our materials are frequently imported from abroad, it is essential that we factor in additional tracking and customs’ processes. Engaging the client in the schedule development and communicating the critical need for their understanding and selection of those long lead items is essential to maintaining a project schedule.

Hanna Homes Approach to Schedule Success

  • Develop an achievable schedule at the project’s inception
  • Carefully monitor time and materials
  • Measure progress against project milestones
  • Establish and implement recovery schedules when necessary

The Budget: Establishing a project budget and maintaining that budget is one of the builder’s greatest challenges. By managing project costs and closely monitoring those costs as construction progresses, we can minimize unexpected cost overruns.

At the start of a project, we develop a preliminary conceptual budget based on the architectural and interior drawings. As the design evolves, we continually update our estimates to deliver a sound and realistic final project budget.

Hanna Homes is committed to cost transparency, so that our clients are informed and aware of potential cost overruns as well as cost savings. As with the client’s engagement in developing the project schedule, we encourage open dialogue with the client throughout the project budget’s evolution.

We have established and trusted relationships with subcontractors with whom we have worked with over several decades. Because of the amount of work we do with our pre-qualified pool of subcontractors, we are confident that we consistently receive their best value pricing. While this is our standard approach to budgeting, it is at the client’s discretion if they desire multiple bids per each scope of work. In addition, for some scope areas, we develop in-house quantity take-offs based on historical cost data.

Hanna Homes Approach to Budget Success

  • Cost transparency from project start
  • Early development of conceptual budgets
  • Provide detailed budgets as information is available
  • Open book policy on cost-plus arrangements