Value Engineering: Value Engineering is employed to evaluate proposed architectural, engineering and interior design drawings and determine where cost savings might exist. In the design and construction of high end residential projects, the primary objective is to reduce costs without compromising the project’s design integrity and quality.

Hanna Homes takes advantage of more than three decades of past experience to offer a constructive and well-informed review of the design and engineering plans to guarantee our client’s best value. Areas that often provide the greatest value engineering opportunities include design and specification of the structural elements, mechanical and electrical systems, material selections and construction methods.

We are fortunate to have worked with a seasoned team of design professionals over the years and are often brought into the project fold early in the process, which provides ample time for us to provide value engineering input and suggestions. Equally as important as Hanna Homes’ contribution is that of our pre-qualified subcontractors, who are specialists in their respective trades. We value our subcontractors’ knowledge and insight and regularly engage with them as we search for the best value and economically viable solutions for our clients.

Value Engineering is a collaborative process that when implemented early in the design process can result in value added options while also saving monetarily.

 Hanna Homes Value Engineering Toolbox

  • Collaborate in the Design
  • Offer insight and lessons learned
  • Present historical data and knowledge on proposed designs
  • Share perspective on cost saving opportunities